Ben Hur-Movie review

Ben-Hur released by Paramount Pictures The classic history returns to the big screen this weekend, to conquer a new generation with a universal message: Ah, the remakes! This cinematographic formula that guarantees the success without need to get worn thinking about a new idea. They not all are bad, it is true, but the proliferation through that one lives nowadays has no precedents.

It has come to the point of doing that we wonder: what do original ideas already occur to anybody in the movies? Certainly, we would have to enter a more philosophical analysis on what it is “original” and we have not come to that, but to speak about the most recent return to the past on the big screen: “Ben-Hur“. That in the strict sense of the word would not be a remake, but rather a new adaptation of the classic book of 1880, which became famous for in the movie of 1959 led by Charlton Heston.

Watch Ben-Hur Full Movie Online
Watch Ben-Hur Full Movie Online

But perhaps the previous thing an excuse is only. It is just to say that “Watch Ben-Hur Full Movie Online” of author Lew Wallace, has it been adapted in several occasions to the movies and that this new version is only another interpretation of a history that we have seen often? As the works of Shakespeare or Jane Austen. But let’s be sincere: who does not remember the movie of “Ben-Hur“? Few persons know that before the most famous, there were two mute adaptations in 1907 and in 1925, much less that in 2003 an animated version and a miniseries was done in 2010.

And the fact is that: how to forget the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer epic? In its moment, there was the costliest movie of the history, with 200 camels, 2 thousand 500 horses, close to 10 thousand extra ones, an icónica sound-track that has been that of major duration that has consisted for a tape, proving in almost four hours of drama and action. Its victories turned it into the most popular of the year and one of the most popular of the history, transporting a record of 11 awards Oscar, including Better Movie and the Better Director, an achievement that did not recur until 1997 with “Titanic“ and “The Lord of the Rings: The Comeback of the King” in 2003.

Any tape that it avenges after that one, has necessarily that to compare. We are speaking about cinematographic history, at the end of accounts, for very based on a book that is. It is as if they were doing a new version of “The Godfather”, which I hope we never see on the big screen. Anyway, the times change and the executive high places of Hollywood are ready to scratch so much the past as be able. With what pretext? So, we say, in this case, that 57 have happened from the tape of Charlton Heston and although there have been others, it is clear that this new version is the first one that tries to have a big commercial premiere in the movies of the world. More than five decades, as to try to modernize the history, at least this way it is thought by the new director, Timur Bekmambetov.

“There reminds the Ben-Hur history to ‘Romeo and Julieta’, ‘Hamlet‘, and any history written by Chekhov”, pointed out the origin film maker kazajo in interview with Collider. “They are atemporales, so every new generation wants to go behind to be able to adapt it for the new world. The version done in 1959, hard four hours and only there is a persons’ fistful that really they can sit down during the whole movie. It is on the people different from us. And it is normal, because the people were different usually. The hearing is different also, as well as the language of movies in which the movie was done”.

This way, with this idea, mister Bekmambetov assembled Morgan Freeman, Rodrigo Santoro in the role of Jesus Christ, Toby Kebbell in that of Messala and Jack Huston in the leading one of Judah Ben-Hur. With them the history of the last one is counted, a wealthy Jew of Jerusalem, who rehúsa, to help the Roman empire and therefore it is betrayed by its best friend turned into slave with an enormous thirst of revenge. In its way it will have key meetings with Jesus Christ, who seemingly will have a more important role in this tape, since in that of 1959 it never had any dialogue, its face was not even seen.

This with the idea of treating Judah’s revenge from a different point of view, that is to say: the pardon. A message that, according to actor Jack Huston we all can understand, let’s be or not Christian. “There is a wonderful message of being capable of allowing to go, of going forward, of passing at the head, of excusing and of having compassion”, he told in interview with Parade. “I do not like seeing heavy and saturated sandals movies; I feel that a modern hearing has to be able to be related. Judah Ben-Hur crosses for a life crisis. He does not believe in God. It questions its faith, questions its life. There is something much relacionable in that”.